Michael Perry: New York Living


I am fortunate to spend a lot of time in New York as my partner is living there at the moment, so I can get away with pretending to be a local, and confidently scoffing pretzels on the subway, whilst knowing which way I’m going…!


Having recently given up my full-time job, I wanted to spin my life upside down and live in a different way. I had begun a number of freelance projects and, with today’s technology, I knew I should be able to work on them from a range of locations around the world.


Even though I am more than just a tourist in New York these days, my natural reaction is still to gasp in awe each time I see a street of skyscrapers, and attract the honk of a yellow taxi cab horn as I try to Instagram it!



New York is such a buzzing place, but you’ve also got to be aware of yourself, as you would in any big city. The flip button convenience of my Secrid wallet has been ideal, as you can discreetly press a button and your chip and pin card is presented to you, just enough to tap and pay. This can reduce the risk of your card being skimmed, and nobody needs that sort of drama when they’re far from home! I chose a really nice aged leather design too, so it was the perfect blend of tradition and technology!



Despite having been to New York almost 4 times already, there is always more to see, so just a few days after I touched down in October, I was soon out exploring the Williamsburg area. It was here that my heart skipped a beat, as I found the Sprout Home Brooklyn store, a store choked full of houseplants! I am really enjoying the current revival of indoor plant growing, and makes me so happy to see new audiences enjoying the bug of growing things! Maybe Coes will start creating an indoor jungle in their stores?? You could definitely see a theme in a lot of stores too, as shelves were not just home to folded clothing, but also pots of cute cacti and succulents. The same applied in Berlin when I was there in August too.


My Herschel rucksack was the best companion for our little Williamsburg exploration, and it’s surprisingly vacuous, much like a tardis! 


When exploring a city, it’s always best to walk, and you’ll be surprised how far you can end up gadding! Some of our excursions have been almost 10km! One particularly long stretch is the Williamsburg Bridge, which is the lesser known cousin to the Brooklyn Bridge, but I love it’s pink and grey colourings! Of course, we had to stop for some obligatory posing in my Oakley sunglasses!!


Whilst in New York, I have also been making various business links and one of these has been with the New York Botanical Garden, and I was so excited to be invited to their scarecrow and pumpkin night, which featured some scary carvings and a bit of spooky play acting too!

My time in New York is always over too soon, BUT my next stop was the land of China…

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