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Wear Wedding Suit for Men in Blue Check

Style Notes

The Tyne & Wear Wedding Suit Collection offers the Groom and his Groomsmen a ‘Mix and Co-ordinate’ option that ensures the men and boys in the wedding party not only look great but can also be individual. The suits look very different: the ‘Tyne’ features a bolder check, whilst the ‘Wear’ is a fine small check. What is unique about these two suits is that they have been blended to work perfectly together, as the fibres in both suits are the same, just woven differently. The advantage of this is that the Groom if he chooses can wear one style, whilst the Best Man, Groomsmen and Pageboys wear the alternative. Taking things a bit further, there is also an option to mix trousers and waistcoats between the styles, which creates 8 different looks. There is also a further option to add alternative waistcoats and accessories, which ensures the men and boys in the wedding party can create individuality whilst looking co-ordinated. ‘Tyne & Wear’ is available to hire or purchase and is available from children’s sizes to 60” Chest.

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