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Virtual Gait Analysis

Want to find the perfect pair of trainers but are unable to visit us in-store, why not try our virtual gait analysis?  Our online gait analysis is an easy process to find your ideal running shoe.

What is Gait Analysis?

Gait analysis provides information on the way you run, particularly your rate of pronation.  This is the natural inwards rolling movement of the foot which occurs as weight is transferred from the heel through to the forefoot.  Overpronation occurs when the foot rolls excessively inward causing excessive wear on the medial side of the foot.  This in turn leads to de-stabilising, alignment and efficiency issues and ultimately increasing the risk of injury.  Most runners have a neutral gait which is the most natural and efficient way to run.


What You’ll Need

  • Your current running or other fitness shoe (if none, then bare feet)
  • WhatsApp installed on your phone
  • A household member to film
  • Make sure you wear something where your ankles are clearly visible and in a light location for the video

STEP 1 – 3 Short Videos

Video 1

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart.
  • Make sure you are looking up and slowly bend your knees making sure your heels don’t rise off the ground. Do this 3 times. 
  • Turn around and do the same again, trying to keep your body as upright as possible.

Video 2

  • Repeat video 1 as above.
  • Ask the person recording the video to move closer and record the knee area only.
  • Turnaround and do the same again from behind.

Video 3

  • Put on your current running trainers and take a gentle relaxed shuttle run 3 times (about 15 metres).
  • Start behind the camera and make sure you are at a comfortable pace when passing it.
  • Run on a hard surface and try to get close to the camera so we can see the movement of your body properly.
  • If possible, the person filming should be squatting.

STEP 2 – Three Photos of your Trainers

Send us 3 different photos of the shoes you ran in during the test video above

  1. Shoe profile (inner side)
  2. Shoe profile (outer side)
  3. Shoe soles


STEP 3 – Measure your Feet

  • Stand on a piece of paper with the full weight on your foot and draw round your foot with a pencil.
  • Measure the distance between your big toe and heel (length) in centimetres.
  • Measure the widest part of your foot (width) in centimetres.
  • Please send us the measurement for each foot.

STEP 4 – Tell us about you

  • What is your everyday shoe size and your current trainer size (if its different)?
  • What exercise you are wanting to do in them, such as running, gym, walking or just day to day wear?
  • If running, what distances are you planning to do?
  • Do you have any injuries, aches or pains?
  • Is there anything about your feet that could be significant when selecting trainers (bunions, wide feet, insoles etc)?

STEP 5 – Send us the information

  • Send the above information to us via Whatsapp to 07955166054.
  • Include your name and a convenient time for our team to contact you (Tuesday – Saturday 10am-4pm).
  • If you would prefer a Zoom consultation, please let us know your email address so we can send you a link.
  • We will then get back to you with some trainer recommendations from our website.
Embroidered garments that are ordered with other items will be sent out separately, please allow up to two weeks for your embroidered item to arrive. We will email you on the progress of this.